The security business in all its forms continues to flourish in the twenty first century. Will historians look back on this era, as an insecure and dangerous time, despite all our prosperity in the west? We think of our parents and grandparents’ times with all those world wars, as far more dangerous and insecure, but who knows hey? President Trump and North Korea doing a dance on the world stage. ISIS and AQ blowing up the place. Even getting more than part time work is not easy in this day and age.

Physical Security to InfoSec: Top Security Expos This Year

Which make security expos and conventions big business in 2017. Businesses want to protect their information. Property owners want to protect their assets. Locking up your daughters has spread to locking up doors, windows, vehicles, phones and programs. Physical security and digital security are all frontline issues. Heading along to a security expo may not be such a bad idea this year. You can get the low down on the latest security measures available to keep your slice of paradise safe. Whether you are somebody else’s’ idea of an infidel or a saint, you might like to get some protection for your skin in the game.

Encryption is big for more than just paedophiles this summer, with information security (InfoSec) on the lips of every agent in the business. Life in the 21C is like something from the pages of Robert Ludlum or John le Carre.  Computers have made banks see-through, like the uniforms on skimpy bar maids. Previously protected things like money were backed up by gold bullion in facilities like Fort Knox. The digital age makes everything just numbers on a screen. Your security and your future are just numbers on someone’s screen. How does that make you feel, my friend?

Motivation for visiting an InfoSec expo this year, or do you put your trust in bricks and mortar? You may live from as far away as Como and still those nightmare fears plague your sleepless sleeps. Rusty keys in locks turning stiffly and the howl of a horny Tom on the prowl, have your nerves on red alert. The machinations of your neighbours are a mystery in this day and age, you don’t even know the families anymore.  Security is like a slippery slope you are forever climbing and not really getting anywhere.