Now, we all know, thanks to Four Corners on the ABC, that the waste management industry is full of murky characters with less than charitable inclinations. It is not surprising, when you think about how we feel about our waste and how we all look the other way, with relief. Whoever takes our trash out is welcome to it, is the subtext of this modern narrative. The fact that they are burying it in someone else’s backyard is not our business, it is their business and we are paying them to do it. Global waste solutions at world expos, pull the other one Frank.

Managing Global Waste: The Best Solutions Presented at World Expos

There has been a concerted effort by governments and industry to make the waste business look shiny and new. Expos are a great opportunity to make a fake operation look plausible. They are like movie sets, with their display stands exhibiting what the industry thinks we want to see. Panoramic images of vast recycling plants and landfill facilities, apparently, well managed. The reality and truth of the matter smells, somewhat, different. Buried landfill on old coal mining sites in south-east Queensland.

A million tonnes of rubbish trucked over state lines annually, from New South Wales to Queensland, so that operators can avoid paying environmental levees. Companies are making millions and millions of dollars in this way. It is a trillion-dollar industry, they proudly trumpet, whilst disposing of our waste by the semi-trailer full near the poorer residents of Ipswich. The smile on the pretty girl’s face at the waste management expo, she is wearing the tee-shirt of a well-known Sydney exhibitor. It’s all tits and teeth at the show; and a green mantra about recycling and responsible waste management.

Nods and secret smiles from the dodgy dudes in the know, the clever men who are fleecing the folks and the corrupt system. Kick-backs to officials to grease the wheels of those big trucks and railway container trains carting our rubbish to out of the way places. Expos are places to promote public relations and put on a show to the public. Managing global waste: The best solutions presented at world expos are all about masking the smell of shit. You see, waste is a dirty business and it attracts dirty people at its core. There is big money to be made in dealing with other peoples’ waste.