Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the whole internet thing, as we all know, the world wide web has really changed things, and most of those are for the better. Our computers and phones are like crystal balls, allowing us to peer into shops and places all over the globe. We can see stuff that we would never have been able to before the advent of the digital age. Still, there are some things you cannot do online, you cannot sit in a chair and feel whether that chair fits your shape comfortably.

How to Find the Best Furniture & Homewares? Furniture Conventions!

That is important, because this article is about furniture expos and shows; and what they can do for you. You see, the internet lets you look at loads of stuff, as pictures on a screen, but you cannot reach out and touch those things. In the case of furniture, touching and feeling are pretty important sensory opportunities. A beautiful chair that sits like an instrument of torture, is not a chair you want to own in your home. A table that marks easy and is badly made, is not a piece of furniture that you want under your roof.

This is why the furniture convention, or Sydney based showroom, is the complete sensory feast, where the internet is just the menu. The essential function of furniture is to fit our forms. Every kind of table and every kind of chair serves its master and mistress, either poorly or well. When you sit down on a lounge, you immediately know if that experience is for you. You either sink or swim within its folds of fabric and arrangement of supporting structures. Expos are the home of the five senses; and the best place to find the furniture, which is made for you.

Remember, to let your posterior get lots of action, when you visit your next furniture show. Forget about letting your fingertips do the walking and clicking here for more. No, park your arse on the real flesh and blood chair. Well, not quite that real, but real to the feel of your physical self. Sit at that desk and touch the surfaces. Bounce on that bed and recline on that couch. Put your feet up on that coffee table and pouf (ouch). How to find the best furniture & homeware? Furniture conventions!