The normalisation of gambling continues apace in the twenty first century. Governments financing their budgets on the back of gambling taxes. Sporting bodies and media organisations paying their members big salaries on their cut of the betting bonanza.  Online gambling is big business and its visibility is an important part of the equation for ever larger profits. Encouraging new generations of gamblers to take the places of their dying fathers and grandfathers. Punters to the fore to keep the masses poor and the privileged few in a manner they have become accustomed to. Australia has fewer manufacturing industries and mechanisation has taken the jobs in mines and on the land. Online gambling may be one of our bright new industries, if the rapid takeover by overseas interests has not already swallowed that up.

Gaming and Racing Conventions in Australia

Aussies love a punt, we have always been told, it is enshrined on our holiest of days, ANZAC day. A beer and some two-up to give the gods an opportunity to even up the score, but they rarely do. Losers lose and that’s the way things have always stood. The biggest thing that the internet has done is fill up some of the dead time and space that average people used to endure. Rides on buses, trains and trams are, now, occupied by passengers looking at their little screens. Formerly bored human beings would ponder time and space, but, now, play games online.

This has seen a motza for the gambling industry, a portable casino in every home and hand. Which is why it is time for these corporations to come out and celebrate under one roof. Gaming and racing conventions in Australia are only in their infancy, really. They are just beginning their proud display of innovation in the halls of our exhibition centres. Punters will more than likely attend in droves to seek our betting incentives in an endless losing game. The ordinary Australian rarely questions the status quo, as long as there is beer in the fridge and the illusion of a fair go.

Gaming and racing conventions in Australia are an opportunity to fly the flag for betting companies that promise a global village. Then, there are those that trade on the Aussie image, or some British version of it. Come on you Australian sons and daughters march for your right to lose your hard earned…